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Planr iOS app

  • Technology stack – ObjectiveC, Mongo, Apple push notification service
  • Chat and plan events with friends within the app. 

Treat by Shutterfly

  • Technology stack – ObjectiveC, REST, JSON, CoreData, CoreText, PHP, Javascript
  • Treat is a new kind of greeting card service from Shutterfly, and we’re changing the way you connect with your favorite people. Easily make and send cards for every occasion any time, from anywhere. Treat cards are personal. They’re legit. And they’re designed to indulge.
  • Choose from a variety of greeting cards. Personalize the card. Purchase and send the card either digitally or through snail mail.
  • Animated happy path is available here


  • ObjectiveC
  • Click photos and videos, while browsing the web. Upload data to dropbox automatically. LINK

Simple Collage

  • iOS / ObjectiveC
  • Collage app to edit and save pictures. LINK
    • screen568x568

Craigslist Jobs Finder iPhone app

  • Technology Stack – ObjectiveC, Python.
  • Developed the craigslist jobs application on the iOS platform.
    Dropbox integration helped users to download their resume/cover letter/content and apply for jobs directly from the phone itself.
  • Users could apply for jobs in more than 300 cities across USA.

Task pro for Nokia phones

  • Qt framework
  • Users can sync/share tasks between them and receive emails when a task is overdue. LINK

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