• Contacts Selector for iOS

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  • Craigslist Jobs Downloader
    • Python, MySql
    • The python scripts will download all jobs available on Craigslist. Its completely written in python. It also has a thread pool to run multiple downloads at once. Its hosted on GitHub. You can download the project from there. Click here to know more.
  • HostFileChanger
  • Snapshot Finder
    • Python
    • If you are using VMWare and saving snapshots, you can use this application to search for those snapshots. Click here to know more.
  • Space claimer
    • Python, wxPython, Py2exe, SQLite
    • If your lazy to delete files which you keep downloading again and again, you can use this utility to delete it for you.You can set a schedule, set the type of files to delete, for ex:- VC*.zip will delete all files starting with VC and ending with .zip extension. Click here to know more.