All the new features in iOS 11

Drag and drop
In iOS 11
app store multiple days / user reviews
iOS 11 – 64bit only. 32 bit apps not supported anymore
High sierra last release to support 32bit release
Jan 2018 – 64bit only app store
Xcode 9 is much faster
Semantic highlight – useful for functions opening and closing braces
Brand new refactoring system (swift, c, c++, objective c)
Xcode 9 has swift 4
Swift – String easier to use, unicode correctness
Codable prototype
40% faster Swift/Objective C projects
Searching and indexing faster
Github integration (not sure if bitbucket is supported)
Undefined Behavior sanitizer
Main Thread API Checker
Xcode server Built-in
Xcodebuild multiple destinations at the same time e.g. iPhone 7, iPhone 5s
Simulator multiple sessions e.g. watch, iPhone booted at the same time.
Xcode 9, wireless development (USB, WIFI or ethernet)
Visual Debugging on ViewControllers
Indexing while building (background)
wireless with other apps, quicktime, console and instruments
Drag and drop
Dynamic Type
Password autofill
Simulator – New bezels (easier to swipe from side)
Files App (to access files)
Document browser
AV route picker
App strip (live content can be rendered)
Send API – app extensions
Camera detects QR codes
HEVC compression
HEIF for images
Depth map in images. Depth is stored in images.
Vision APIs
Face and landmark detection
Text detection
Object detection
CoreML and image recognition
Machines learning modules will be given access [Caffee]
CoreML convertor tools
1.7 million apps using Metals
Metal 2 [GPU driven rendering / Convolution ML networks]
VR development on the mac
Visual Inertial Odometry
Scene Understanding


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