Building for iOS, but the linked and embedded framework * was built for iOS + iOS Simulator.

I am sure many of us have seen this warning when building your Xcode projects. With the release of Xcode 13.2, this warning has turned into an error.

Basically this says that, your target has been compiled for arm64, but the embedded/linked framework is compiled for arm64 and x86 architecture. You would need to remove the x86 arch, so that only the arm64 architecture remains.

This is pretty straight forward. You can use the LIPO command line tool. First let’s confirm what are the architectures present in the given framework.

lipo -info /Users/darshan/Downloads/Facebook/FBManager.framework/FBManager

You should see that it contains arm64 and x86 architectures.

Let’s remove the unneeded architectures. You can do that by using the below command

lipo -thin arm64 FBManager -output arm64.a

Now rename the arm64.a to the original filename. This will fix the issue you were facing.


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