Firefox deleting a single site history you have visited

I came across this pretty cool feature on firefox 3.6. It helps to delete a single website you have visited. The difference here is that, in the previous versions, you couldn’t delete a particular website/domain you have visited. This used to be pretty annoying but with this feature you can do it. Here’s how you do it:
1) Goto History
2) Show all history
3) Click on a particular site you have visited
4) Right click and then select forget about this site.
5) This will delete all the history you have stored on that computer, for a single website or domain name only.

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  1. “…in the previous versions, you couldn’t delete a particular website/domain you have visited.”
    That’s not true. The older versions of Firefox (pre version 3) had this ability; but the older versions offered far easier options than the current method(s). Prior to the development of FF 3, we were able to not only delete entire domains in the history sidebar, but we also had the ability to select & delete multiple domains at a time.
    The newer “Show All History” feature is lame and time consuming by comparison. Since “Show all History” doesn’t contain the URLs of a given site in one folder, (like the history system of FF 2 & below) users now must select tons of individual links in order to clear them, even when sorting by site.
    This mozilla post shows screenshots of what I’m talking about:
    What a pain! I can’t understand why the FF developers removed that ability.

    1. I didn’t notice the older versions had this, I used to use a firefox plugin “close and forget” to do this for me.
      Thanks for the correction.

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