SilkTest: Extension problems while using IE and FireFox.

One thing you must know is that even though you can use the latest browsers to surf the net and so on so forth, you cannot use it to test using the SilkTest tool. This really sucks. Many a time, I tried using the latest versions of firefox and ie to test, but simply was left with a command line instead of browser test framework. First of all to start testing, if you are using Silktest 2008, try using Mozilla 2.0 and IE 7.IE sucks so lets go with firefox 2.0. The two places where you will have to set the extensions are for silktest to recognize the browser are:
1) start-> All Programs-> Borland-> Silktest-> Extension Enabler.
If you dont set this there might be problems in running you tests. This is the global settings for Silktest.
2) Project specific settings-> Select a project. Goto options->Extensions in the silktest windows. In the ensuing window select the extensions you would like to enable. These settings are for the project specific ones. Any questions send me a message. Goodluck.

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  1. Ila Pathak Avatar
    Ila Pathak

    I want to use IE 7.0 with SilkTest 2008 R2 SP1 version 9.0, but having extension problem when using IE 7.0. Please help me out if anyone know the solution to same.
    But it works fine when using Mozilla 2.0.
    Please reply.. THanks in advance

    1. admin Avatar

      I think silktest doesnt support that version of IE. I used 6.0 for running most tests of mine and firefox for this. Might be you would need to upgrade silktest to a later version, which would cost a ton!!!

  2. Silk Test 2008R2 does support IE7 change the DefaultBrowser to explorer7 in your option set file. If this doesnt work open IE7 with any url other than blank page go to SilkTest->Tools->Enable extension select the page and click ok on next dialog box. Now close the browser and open the same browser and the test button should be enabled that mean your browser configuration is fine.

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