SVN: cheatsheets

SVN stands for sub version.

SVN is a source control tool. This tool is used for tracking and maintaining a repository of your code and each and every minute changes made to it through the use of versions. You can use GUIs to access your SVN like tortoiseSVN and so on.
But if you need to use a command line for SVN, you can use collabnet and others. I use collabnet. Goto their website and download the installer for CLIENT. Once installed make sure the bin folder of collabnet is in the PATH of windows to access the .exe SVN.
Now once done goto command prompt and type: SVN
If you dont get a unrecognized command error, your good to go.
Now follow the steps as below:
Checkout your local code.
svn checkout svn:// –username=darshan
For this example I am updating a checked out directory of mine known as windowsAPI.
I use the below command from the same directory of the checked out code:
svn update windowsAPI
To update successive directories:
svn update WindowsSystemAPI
You also can write a batch file and schedule the tasks in windows to update your local directories every time to be up to date.


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