Static build not building for facebook ios app

=== BUILDING NATIVE TARGET facebook-ios-sdk OF PROJECT facebook-ios-sdk WITH CONFIGURATION Release ===
Checking Dependencies…
error: There is no SDK with specified name or path ‘Unknown Path’
iOS Simulator build failed
If you are getting this error, you need to go to the script:
alter the path as shown below:
[sourcecode lang=”cpp”]
# The Xcode bin path if [ -d "/Developer/usr/bin" ]; then # < XCode 4.3.1 XCODEBUILD_PATH=/Developer/usr/bin else # >= XCode 4.3.1, or from App store XCODEBUILD_PATH=/Applications/ fi echo "***************" XCODEBUILD_PATH=/Applications/ echo $XCODEBUILD_PATH XCODEBUILD=$XCODEBUILD_PATH/xcodebuild
This will build your facebook static library.

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