Uninstallation script for GIT on Mac

if [ ! -r “/usr/local/git” ]; then
echo “Git doesn’t appear to be installed via this installer. Aborting”
exit 1
echo “This will uninstall git by removing /usr/local/git/**/*, /etc/paths.d/git, /etc/manpaths.d/git”
printf “Type ‘yes’ if you sure you wish to continue: “
read response
if [ “$response” == “yes” ]; then
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/git/
sudo rm /etc/paths.d/git
sudo rm /etc/manpaths.d/git
sudo pkgutil –forget –pkgs=GitOSX\.Installer\.git[A-Za-z0-9]*\.[a-z]*.pkg
echo “Uninstalled”
echo “Aborted”
exit 1

exit 0

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