Windows debugging using windbg

Sometimes or most times when you get a crash dump from your customer, its always good to know how to reproduce the crash and point out where the actual crash happens.
Today I was debugging some bug with my lead, I found this very useful:
Here are the steps:

  • First of all open the windows debugger. You need to install this.
  • In the command prompt type: !sym noisy. What this does is turns on verbose output.
  • Next set your symbols. This can be set using File->Symbol file path.
  • I have set it as SRV*E:symbols*;C:documentsPDBs_STORED_HERE;SRV*downstream_store*
  • Set your source path. This is where your source folder is stored.
  • Goto windbg command prompt type .symopt+ 0x40. This will load the symbols by force [ VERY IMPORTANT ]
  • Next type lm
  • !analyze -v
  • You will see the crash where exactly it happened.
  • For more detailed information, goto View and click call stack. You must see the exact line where the crash takes place.
  • Pretty easy !!!!

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  1. Brian Avatar

    check Symbols loading in windbg. It discusses various issues with symbols loading.

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