Supporting Right To Left Languages

RTL (Right-to-Left) languages are languages where text is written from right to left, contrary to the left-to-right direction of most languages. Some of the prominent RTL languages include:

  1. Arabic (العربية): One of the most widely spoken languages in the world, primarily in the Arab world and the Middle East.
  2. Hebrew (עִבְרִית): The official language of Israel and spoken by Jewish communities worldwide.
  3. Persian (فارسی): Official language of Iran and widely spoken in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
  4. Urdu (اردو): The official language of Pakistan and one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. It is also widely spoken in parts of India.
  5. Yiddish (ייִדיש): Historically spoken by Ashkenazi Jews, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.
  6. Kurdish (کوردی): Spoken by the Kurdish people in regions spanning Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.
  7. Sorani (کوردی سۆرانی): A Central Kurdish language spoken mainly in Iraq and Iran.
  8. Pashto (پښتو): Official language of Afghanistan and spoken in parts of Pakistan.

These languages are written and read from right to left, impacting not only the direction of the script but also the layout and design of documents, websites, and other materials.

When we use constraints to place views, we tend to do the following

nameView.snp.makeConstraints { make in 
     make.left.equalTo(self).offset(16)           make.right.equalTo(self.snp.left).offset(-16)                    make.bottom.equalTo(self).offset(-16)
nameView.snp.makeConstraints { make in 
     make.leading.equalTo(self).offset(16)           make.trailing.equalTo(self.snp.leading).offset(-16)                    make.bottom.equalTo(self).offset(-16)

The above code will fix the RTL languages.

If you want to know more about localizing images for RTL, you can follow this link


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